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Room For Rent (2018)

Room For Rent (2018)
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Released: October 26, 2018
Director: Matthew Atkinson
Producer: Justin Rebelo, Kyle Bornais
Studio: D Films
Cast: Brett Gelman, Mark Little, Carla Gallo, Stephnie Weir, Patrick J. Adams, Mark McKinney
Genre: Comedy
Length: 89 minutes

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Room For Rent (2018) Synopsis

Mitch Baldwin (Mark Little), 32, once won a lottery but squandered all his winnings. He convinces his parents (Mark McKinney, Stephnie Weir) to rent their spare bedroom to save from downsizing.

However, a man named Carl Lemay (Brett Gelman), who has a hidden agenda, becomes their new boarder and soon turns out to be creepier than they could have imagined.


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