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Beyond Utopia

Beyond Utopia
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Released: Toronto
Director: Madeleine Gavin
Producer: Jana Edelbaum, Rachel Cohen, Sue Mi Terry
Studio: Mongrel Media
Genre: Documentary
Length: 115 minutes

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Beyond Utopia Synopsis

Several families attempt to flee in North Korea, one of the most oppressive places on Earth, a land they grew up believing was a paradise.

At the film's core is courageous Pastor Kim, a man of God on a mission to help a mother reunite with the child she was forced to leave behind, and a family of five — including small children and an elderly grandmother — embarking on a treacherous journey into the hostile mountains of China and through southeast Asia. Leaving their homeland is fraught with unimaginable danger — yet these individuals are driven to take the risk.

Inspired by Hyeonseo Lee’s memoir, The Girl With Seven Names.

In English and Korean, with English subtitles.


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