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American Honey

American Honey
Score: 7.75 / 10
Released: October 14, 2016 - Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal October 28, 2016 - Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria
Director: Andrea Arnold
Producer: Jay Van Hoy, Lars Knudsen, Pouya Shahbazian
Studio: Elevation Pictures
Cast: Sasha Lane, Riley Keough, Shia LaBeouf, Raymond Coalson, Chad McKenzie Cox, Verronikah Ezell
Genre: Drama
Length: 163 minutes

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American Honey Synopsis

Star (Sasha Lane), a teenage girl from a troubled home in Muskogee, Oklahoma, runs away from home. While foraging for food in supermarket dumpsters in a Walmart parking lot, she meets a travelling sales crew that drives across the American Midwest selling magazine subscriptions door to door.

Star rashly runs away with them, leaving behind her sleazy father and two small half-siblings in the care of their uncaring mother. Finding her feet in this gang of teenagers, Star is initially seduced by the group's lifestyle of hard partying, law-bending and young love. But tensions emerge when Star falls for Jake (Shia LaBeouf), angering the crew's tough boss, Krystal (Riley Keough).


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